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Musical storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Wren Wilder creates extraordinary moments through warm, empathetic pop music overflowing with emotional complexity. Each original song bursts with inviting instrumental layers that glide through folk, pop, and rock. She uniquely combines various timbres alongside the gravitational pull of her vibrant vocals: airy mellotrons, Wurlitzer, upright and Rhodes pianos, electric guitar, synths, drums, percussion, and electric bass.


Through the art of mixing, Wren transforms these commonly used instruments, manipulating them in new and unexpected ways. She’s on a mission to write and perform authentic music that chronicles her evolution as a human and an artist, and to bring peace and comfort to the delicate teenager that lives inside everyone. Wren Wilder transports listeners on a powerful journey through darkness and light with vulnerable lyrics about transforming heartbreak, longing, fear, and uncertainty into confidence, joy, celebration, and unconditional love.